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What Happens If A Lenovo Motherboard Fails?

 Posted by HP Support on August 28, 2016

The motherboard is an essential part of the computer; it is a printed circuit board that holds all the circuitry connection of various components of the computer. So much complex connections make it hard to fix its bugs without testing the full software. You need to perform following test described by the Lenovo Support which will help you to determine if the computer motherboard is indeed at fault. First of all, make sure the post beep sound is not heard, if it is still heard, then it is of what sort, in a single or normal beep sound the motherboard can’t be dead.

How to troubleshoot if a Lenovo motherboard fails?
  • Just make some changes to hear the beep sound; this is all we have to listen. Don’t make the things complicated, just we need to open the CPU and a working speaker.
  • Hook up the speaker with the CPU at the sound port and apply the power, listen the sound, try every possible step to hear the beep, if it is heard at any time, then reinsert the RAM.
  • If there is a long beep, then there may be the problem with its RAM or it is incompatible with the board. If the beep is long and it is followed by the few shorts, then there may be the problem with the video card.
  • Reinsert the video card, make sure it is in working condition or try another card. If there is a short and single beep, then the board is running normally and the problem is with others.
  • Try Some Other Changes

  • Review the bumper setting, check the running speed of the bus, if it runs at 100MHz, 133 MHz, etc, then try a slower speed bus, check if there is a beep sound. You can also try the auto setting.
  • Review the voltage setting for socket 7 CPUs, check the damaged and broken pins, reset the CPU, take it out and replace it, make sure it is properly placed.
  • Take the board out and try it on the bench setup, even check for the grounding problems. If it is possible, then try another board.
  • This process is rather complex, it’s not easy for the non-technical person to deal with the issues of the motherboard. Therefore, it is quite better to take the assistance of the experts. Just call our Microsoft-certified technicians via the toll-free Lenovo Support Number +1-888-404-0505 and get instant help. Our experts have number of ways to assist you with the feasible solution without any hassle. Just make a contact with us and avail our quality solution.

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