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What Are The Steps To Recover Data On Lenovo Laptop?

 Posted by Lenovo Support on March 12, 2018

Suppose you are doing a really high priority work without actually saving it and suddenly a black screen appears on your PC and the whole work plunges down in the gutter. This may be the case when the adapter detaches from the socket or due to the timer shutdown framework set-up in the system. It may also be possible that the data you lost is the deletion mistakenly like an excel file, some scanned images or so on. In this case, I Care Data Recovery is your best friend that will restore the deletion.

Steps To Recover Data On Lenovo Laptop?

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  • Step 1- Download it to your PC and it is equally important to install the recovery software of iCare Data Recovery. You must know that your data couldn’t be recovered without this application so it’s better if you pre-install it to avoid any delay.
  • Step 2- Now, the application must be launched and scanned well in a proper status.
  • Step 3- Locate to the place where you lost the data and hunting for that. It can be any disk drive or a folder or any of the favorites. Select the chosen location and give some time to the software for scanning it accurately.
  • Step 4- If the software located it, you must check and must be reviewed well.
  • Step 5- Hold the cursor of your mouse and drag the pointer all over the files you want to be scanned.
  • Step 6- Right-click it and assign the command to copy. You may also go through the keyboard shortcut of control key plus copy.
  • Step 6- Paste it into a file where you want it to be positioned.
  • Call our helpline Lenovo Support Number Canada +1-844-478-5758 to get the directions for solving the Lenovo uncertainties. You can get them cleared with just a call or through the website help by visiting Live-chat.

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